New Revolutionary Tool: Trainer
We've created a new revolutionary tool for Dota Auto Chess: Trainer. With our Trainer you can improve your Auto Chess rank in no time. Here's what features it has:
1. See how likely it is for your heroes to appear on the next roll (realtime percentage calculations).
2. Add heroes that you need for your build and see what chances you have to get them and complete your build. Or simply select a Build from your Builds and Saved Builds.
3. See where the opponents' heroes will be positioned when the battle starts. This way you can position your heroes better and you can dodge that pesky AM more easily.
4. XP to Gold calculator will tell you exactly how much gold you need to level up. Also, you will never forget to UNLOCK your chess pieces for the next round.
How to install DAC Trainer?
There are 3 ways you can install the Dota Auto Chess Trainer: with the Dota2Mods app, with our lightweight installer, or manually.
Install with the app
- Download the Dota2Mods desktop app if you don't already have it.
- click "DAC TRAINER" in the top menu
- click "Install"
Install using our lightweight installer
- Download the Installer zip file
- extract it
- run install.bat
- the program will try to guess where you have Dota2 installed. If it won't find it, a popup will appear and you'll have to browse to the folder dota 2 beta
Install manually
- Download pak01_dir.vpk file
- open file explorer and browse to where you have Dota2 installed. Example: D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game
- create a new folder and name it mods
- copy the pak01_dir.vpk file you just downloaded into the mods folder
- go back to where you have Dota2 installed and go to dota folder
- open file and look for
Game				dota

- add a this new line before it
Game				mods

- do the same for
Mod				dota

MEGA NOTE: When Dota2 makes a major update, file will be refreshed. So if you installed the trainer using the installer (2nd option) or manually (3rd option) you will have to install it again or edit file.
If you installed it with the Dota2Mods app (1st option) then you are fine, the app takes care of that automatically.
After installing
After you have installed the Dota Auto Chess Trainer go to Trainer and start playing!

Play Auto Chess Ranked
Playing ranked is very simple, you just have to follow these 3 steps:
Connect your Steam account (or register with your email)
Go to Play Ranked and Hit the 'Start Search' button.
Start Dota2 and accept the lobby invitation from our bot.
More info
When Playing Auto Chess Ranked you will be matched automatically with players of similar skill and based on your region settings.
You can change your Server Regions from My account.
Now there's no more need to spam the chat with "bish 3 lobby pls".
Make your own builds
Craft your own builds and test them out to see which combinations of heroes are the best. Drag & drop heroes and see what buffs they give. You can also save them for later, or to share them with the community to help them rank up. To be able to save and share builds you must Create an account or if you already have one just Login or the easiest Login with Steam
Or maybe you're not feeling too creative, maybe you're just starting Dota Auto Chess and you don't know what heroes are good, what builds work the best. Then you should have a look at the Builds section, where you can browse through community made builds.
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