What is Dota Auto Chess?
Dota Chess is the new hit Dota 2 Custom Game of 2019 created by Cutey, Pucky, Nat, Mouse and Toto.
In just 2 weeks after its release, it got 1 million subscribers with an average of 100.000 online players at any given time.
The popularity of Dota 2 Auto Chess is owed to how fun the play style is.
How to play
The gameplay is round-based, so each round you will get 5 random heroes (chess pieces) to choose from. Then your chosen heroes will automatically fight neutral creeps or other players' heroes.
Choose a hero (or more).
Your hero will appear on the sidebar.
Place it on the battlefield.
Read more about Dota 2 Chess gameplay in the Tutorial section
How to win

The goal of Dota 2 Auto Chess is to eliminate all the opponents and be the last man standing. After every round you get an amount of Gold which can vary based on your current Gold. Having more Gold means that you get 10% bonus, also you get bonus Gold based on your winning or losing streak. With gold you can buy more heroes or re-roll them to find the ones you need.

Finding duplicate heroes is a good thing because you can upgrade them. Each hero starts with 1 star ranking and can be upgraded to 3 stars. To upgrade a 1 star hero to 2 stars you need to place 3 of the same 1 star heroes on the battlefield.

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Heroes List

There are 61 Heroes and 15 Classes. Usually each hero belongs to 2 classes, but there are some with 3 classes. Classes are actually separated into Species and Classes. Usually the first is the species and the second is the classs. There is basically no difference between the two, only the God bonus can tell the difference, as it becomes inactive when a Species combo is active. Class bonuses activate when a certain amount of different heroes with same class are on the battlefield.

For example, the Orc class has 2 bonuses, first bonus applies +200 HP to all Orcs when there are at least 2 different Orc heroes on the battlefield. The second bonus applies +300 HP to all Orcs when there are 4 different Orc heroes on the battlefield. These bonuses stack, so if you have 4 Orcs then they all get +500 HP. Some classes offer bonus to all allied heroes, not just for their class.

In addition to Classes, each hero has an active ability or a passive ability. All the active abilities cost 100 mana and are triggered automatically when the hero reaches 100 mana.
You can find a detailed list of Dota 2 Auto Chess Heroes here:
Play Dota Auto Chess Ranked

By default, Dota 2 doesn't provide a matchmaking system for custom maps, so playing against people of the same rank is impossible.

But we created a way to play auto chess ranked. Just head over to Play Ranked and click 'Start Search'. It's that simple.

Once you click 'Start Search', you will be matched with other people of similar ranks and a Dota2Chess Bot will create a lobby and invite you. When the lobby is full, the bot will leave the lobby and the one of the users will have to start the game.

There are no penalties for not joining or not starting the game yet, just to give people the chance to accommodate with the system.